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Trying to think of a way to make an impact with a new offering was an exciting challenge for us at EDT, one thing we were certain of was that we wanted to do something different. A business associate of mine had come across the Doodle Video Guy and had sent me a link of Alex’s work. Needless to say it made a big impression, so when the project arose with the Industrial Cadet’s initiative I knew that creating a Doodle Video would create the impact we wanted. Working with Alex was a pleasure, he was with us every step of the way to give advice and to ensure that we had the best possible experience. The outcome was outstanding, everyone in the organisation was thoroughly impressed with the end result, especially as it was something so different for us. I would highly recommend and have already recommended the Video Doodle Guy to my business network, it is such a great way to make a huge impact in just 3.5 minutes! You really couldn’t ask from more.

”Sharon Olagunju”
”Sharon Olagunju” ”Engineering Development Trust”

Having a doodle video truly helps communicate what our company is doing to a broad audience. Having Alex work on our video was seamless. He took our ideas and rolled with them. The end result was a super creative rendition of thoughts once trapped in our heads.


There’s definitely a reason he’s called
"The Doodle Video Guy"!

”Raman Deol”
”Raman Deol” ”Agralogics Inc.”

Working with Alex was an absolute pleasure! He is professional, and has reasonable pricing.  We’ve been looking for a company to do our videos for a few months, and all major companies we found could not give us a straight answer about the cost. We found Alex via google search and within a day, we received answers, follow ups, and a personal call so he could understand our needs and budget.

We realized from the start that we could rely on him to do the job from start to finish. And what was most impressive is as much as business means business – Alex put his personal touch to make sure the delivery of the product fully met our requirements. He wanted to make sure we did not “like” the final product but “loved it”!

”Jacob ”M6iT”
”Ron, ”NitroDesk

OH MY GOD ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just exceptional!

I literally wouldn’t change  a thing. I couldn’t be happier.

”Daniela, ”NitroDesk
Totally amazing!!!

OMG I couldn’t love it any more! I am so thrilled! Let’s roll with it!

”Jasmine ”Ruby

How Many Times Should You Try?

This video was featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog and has over 50.000 views, after first being posted on Funders & Founder’s Facebook Page. Over 1000 likes and shares in total.

It’s an inspiring story written by Anna Vital brought to life in a Doodle Video by Alex The Doodle Video Guy.

Case Study – Doodle Video vs Talking Head

Is It Really That Effective?

Split Test With 1000 People Using Same Audio

  • Doodle Video

  • 55% Shared
  • 4/10 Convinced To Buy
  • 82% Answered Right
  • 53% Recommend Service
  • 8/10 Average Impact
  • Talking Head

  • 17% Shared
  • 2/10 Convinced To Buy
  • 41% Answered Right
  • 22% Recommend Service
  • 5/10 Average Impact

This study is provided by Sparkol – the leading provider of whiteboard animation software.

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