3 Reasons Why Doodle Animation Videos Increase Sales

Are you utilizing the Power of Doodle Videos yet?

Hopefully your website is designed to grab your viewers eyeballs right away…

…keeping their eyes glued to the screen to read about what you have to offer?

The problem is that text on the screen is b-o-o-ring!

More often than not, visitors will leave after just a few seconds of reading, unless they care deeply about what you have to say!

#1 Tell your Story With a Doodle Video!

It’s no secret that the science of sales is to tell stories about the features & benefits of your product.

People buy because you show exactly how you will help them get what they want.

Do you want to dramatically increase sales by telling an entertaining story that engages your target market to take action?

See exactly how it’s done in my Doodle Video!


#2 Doodle Videos are FUN…

Because they surprise you and keep giving you a-ha moments when done right…

You see, our brain is always trying to figure out what we’re watching even before it’s possible to make sense of what it is.

This is the secret behind the effectiveness of Doodle Videos!

But – it’s not nearly enough to just scribble down some text with half decent drawings and call it a day…

…it has to be congruent with the story you’re telling, combined with a sales script and voiceover to give the results you want.

By using high quality drawings and animations that fits perfectly with music, script and voiceover – you will have a Doodle Video

that tells a interesting story about what you provide.

You can see exactly how this is done in the Doodle Video Strategy Guide!


#3 Call To Action In Your Doodle Video…

Your ultimate goal with any marketing effort should be to get the target market to do what you want them to do!

Believe it or not, this is often forgotten, or poorly done in many cases.

If this is the case for you, you’re not only loosing customers  – they’re missing out on the great service you provide!

You have to tell your audience what the next step is.

If you haven’t already – I’m telling you right now to have a look at my Doodle Video and then download my Doodle Video Strategy Guide!

Go get your hands on what could be the most treasured marketing tool you’ve ever had!


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